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Java: Write once Run Anywhere

It is a known fact that Java programming language is in demand. Let us see trending frameworks that simplify the everyday life of software developers on the earth. There are lots of Java developers Jobs in Nagpur which would actually need the knowledge of following frameworks.


Let us see in detail about 7 Java Frameworks from Spring MVC to Grail:

1.Spring MVC

After 10 years from its first release, Spring MVC has developed a lot. The Spring evolved itself to be compatible for the MVC framework. After its complete evolution today it is used full-fledged for Internet-facing applications which actually helps the software engineers with a  strong toolkit for web application development and application configuration along with security projects. Most of the programmers get benefited by this framework. It is definitely a well-developed ecosystem which provides lots of features to choose from SOAP web services or REST APIs, security etc. Thus it can be said that they are of great help for all the developers.

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Pros and Cons

It has good reasons why it is in demand. They are as follows:

Simplified injection of test data with the help of POJOs.

Improved modularity, which leads to better code readability.

Loose coupling between various modules.

Dependency Injection (DI) flexible use.

2.Struts 2

This topic is for explaining more about the Java frameworks used by software engineers. Most of the Java developers use this framework for dealing with Java EE web apps. To help in creating applications which are apt for enterprise and online the Apache Software Foundation assist the developers from the start till the end. It makes the task easier in high-load systems. The interceptors are tuned well with the help of coupling.

Pros and Cons

The lavishness of not having to override or apply for the Action Class is because of Struts 2. Code Reusability is easier because for IT engineers to develop various actions.

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It is very significant to mention Hibernate when talking about Java Framework. Object-relational impedance is cracked by the Java framework which actually has a problem in mismatch the continuous DB accesses with excellent object handling functions. There are lots of enterprise application which is very kind and Hibernate is excellent with an excellent feature suite that assists the backend developers to be compatible with the data access layer. This is regarded as an advanced version of the ORM framework that allows you to understand the database operation on Java objects.

Pros and Cons

Most of the database communications are done with the help of tiny changes in the code that you compose and it is possible only with the help of Hibernate. It fills the void between objects and relational words. These are the following features:

Oracle, Db2, or MySQL, Hibernate is not dependent on DB.

Caching mechanism to bug database with the same queries.

N+1 or lethargic loading support.


Java Server Faces is a part of Java EE and is backed up by Oracle. It is regarded as one of the best frameworks for very fast java development, it is simple to use as the documentation provided by Oracle is excellent. There are no external dependencies for JSF. It contains excellent libraries and tools for and supports the developers during complex scenarios.

Pros and Cons

It is a famous fact that JSF is a significant part of Java EE. IDE software suite is used for drawing developers along with a prime level of support from an industry-leading vendor. On the other hand, JSF is very big to understand it easier for those with prior skills and experience in web development basics which are not completely solid.


It is apt for rendering the final web page. It is one of the most popular uber frameworks and new gen developers go for it when developing applications for business. Vaadin helps the developers by updating the changes to the browser. It helps the programmers to construct cool applications easily. Join the Java training in Nagpur now which offers the best Java classes in Nagpur to become a certified professional in this field.

Pros and Cons

It is very easy to build a layout in Java and, or HTML. The data can be bound using MVC or MVP with the help of Vaadin. The development of single-page Uis for Java Applications is done easily with the drag and drop support along with other excellent features.

6.Google Web Toolkit

There is another significant, free Java framework called GWT which permits the coders to develop and optimize the web-reliant apps. Core Java APIs are featured by GWT Software Development Kit and widgets for developing apps compiled to JavaScript. The advanced Java training in Pune will help you to know in detail about this concept.

Pros and Cons

The development and debugging processes are simplified by the Google Web Toolkit. Programmers can make use of this Simple integrated technology with other technologies. This is another significant benefit that can be developed with the help of GWT.


This is an excellent dynamic tool which helps the engineers to increase their performance and efficiency because of its APIs along with convention among configuration paradigm. The Java integration makes this framework as the most chosen among various programmers globally. Spring powdered dependency injection, various plug-ins are few of the powerful features that provide everything required to develop modern web-based apps.

Pros and Cons

A new project and scaffolding save a good amount of time for coders. There are more than 900 different easy-to-install plug-ins offered by the huge library. It is a heavy software because of full stack development Java framework with strong functionality covered by Grails’s ORM.

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