Energy Efficiency & Audit Techniques Training In Pune

Energy Efficiency & Audit Techniques Training Course

Energy Efficiency & Audit Techniques Scope :

The Energy industry is expanding rapidly. Energy & Environmental Concerns are also increasing all over the world. Due to this, the career opportunities are also increasing. The opportunities abound in the private & public sector, especially in energy-intensive industries. There will be demand for engineers who can work forprofessionals like as Energy Auditing Firms, specialist contractors &Renewable Energy Engineering Firms is this job. There are job opportunities in the field of oil and gas industry, energy production companies,Continuous Process Industries or freelance consultancy Firms.

Energy Efficiency & Audits Techniques Course will improve the Skills towards Numerical and Analytical, Technical Terminology Knowledge, Change Management, Presentation, Coaching, MIS and reporting, Project Management The Energy Engineers job profile includes discover the new non-renewable energy sources, conserve the non-renewable sources of energy & supplying a good amount of energy resources.

Need Of Energy Efficiency Awareness :
■ Control of energy usage across the organization.
■ Setting targets for energy reduction.
■ Understand the Techniques energy audits across in Industry
■ Prepare reports summarizing energy usage in Industry
■ Guide & train subordinates for energy consumption.

■ Develop methodology for Energy Conservation
■ Keep up to date development in energyall over world
■ Understanding of Energy Management & Techniques
■ Eliminate Inefficient Equipment &Operation in Industry
■ Report good news stories for external and internal communications.

What We Provide.

This detailed training course is designed by Industry Experts to Bridge the Gap between Academics & Actual Industrial Needs for engineers, managers and technical Personnel to facilitate improvement of maintenance functions and productivity; assist in optimizing costs and promoting excellence in Engineering work activities in their plants.

The course provides most comprehensive, systematic learning of various topics to gain better understanding and new insights to pave way for higher Economical Efficiency in managing Engineering functions. The course involves a wide spectrum, in-depth learning, and facilitates in laying strong foundation for Plant Engineering Management.

Job Opportunities For Fresher`s :
■ Erection & Commissioning Engineer
■ Energy Efficiency Engineer
■ Engineering Technical Cells Executive
■ Testing Engineer
■ Energy Performance Evaluator cum Engineer
■ Environmental Solutions Engineer
■ Measurement and Verification Engineer
Course Content :
Module I :
■ World Energy Context
■ Various Forms of Energy
■ Financial Management of Energy
■ Energy Audit Techniques & Management
■ Energy Project Management Techniques
■ Calculation of Material and Energy Balance
■ Action Plan for Energy & Management
■ Energy Monitoring Techniques
■ Global Concerns for Environment

Module II :
■ Industrial Lighting
■ Industrial Cooling tower
■ Industrial Fans and Blowers
■ Industrial DG set system
■ Industrial Electrical Systems & Motors
■ Industrial Compressed Air System
■ Industrial HVAC and Refrigeration System
■ Industrial Pumps and Pumping Systems
■ Energy Efficient Technologies

Module III :
■ Various Fuels and Combustion Theory
■ Steam system in Industry
■ waste heat Conservation
■ Industrial Furnaces
■ Industrial Insulation & Refractories
■ Industrial Boilers
■ FBC Boiler in Industry
■ Industrial Cogeneration
■ Non-Conventional & Renewable Energy Sources
■ Waste Minimization & Resource Conservation

Module IV :
■ Performance Evaluation of Boilers
■ Performance Evaluation of Cogeneration
■ Performance Evaluation of Compresors
■ Performance Evaluation of Heat Exchangers
■ Performance Evaluation of motors
■ Performance Evaluation of Furnaces
■ Performance Evaluation of Fans and Blowers
■ Performance Evaluation of water pumps
■ Performance Evaluation of HVAC Systems
■ Performance Evaluation of lighting
■ Financial analysis & Performance Review

Eligibility -
 ■ Engineering Graduates
Duration -
 ■  3 Months

Interview Techniques -
 ■ Softskill Training & Grooming
 ■ Resume Writing
 ■ Technical Aptitude
 ■ Group Discussion & Mock Interview.